Windscape paintings

Works of this series remaining in the Artist's colleciton are available for purchase by emailing 

Marcene Glover Art

If we stop and listen to those voices in the wind, we can hear our ancestors. The past is relevant and ever present, communicating, mixing with the dynamic events, personalities and philosophies of today, as if carried by the wind, a ripple of water, or these fluid washes of paint. 

These paintings are stylized representational, very textural, and have a fluid weightless feel, as if being swept a bit off balance by the wind.

​Regardless of each ones apparent subject matter, all Windscape paintings are about the flow of energy around us. Sound travels through the air in waves, even though we don't see it. Gravity tugs at us. Lunar pull raises the tide, coastal winds reach across a continent, while Earth has its rotating path, as passing cloud formations remind us.