Marcene Glover Art

Rippled Truths series paintings

Rippled Truths series of paintings is a counterpart to the Wind in the Garden series.

Both are commenting on inter-social relations, in terms of the transfer and process of information. Where Wind in the Garden questions individuals' reactions to one another's choices Rippled Truths questions our perception of indirect societal influence. Where the Garden's conduit is wind; Rippled Truths' message is carried through water and shadow, or changing light patterns.

While Garden's messages are intentional glyphs, direct declarations of cultural pride of civic advocacy; Truth's statements are not made by first person, but by the conduit itself...the movement of water over generations bores into shell, rearranges sand, stains rock and re-sculpts shadows. These elements are not making the statement themselves, they are being acted upon...stories from ancestors become their own because they inadvertently carry some of the same residual expressions, passively exuding cultural preconceptions. Yet others still see their trail of customary opinion.  What we are taught and choose to propagate follows us and imprints on society.

This stylized representational painting style has evolved from my earlier ColorStream style, using an exaggerated light ray to illuminate the subject in question, asking the viewer to look deeper into the world around us, specifically issues of social justice.