Finding Talismans

This series touches on this aspect of human nature: that we need to imagine better, holding onto what is good and the hope for what should be. This is fodder for our daydreams; and then we collect mementos that help keep those inspirations close to heart. Throughout different cultures we assign meaning to objects, images, picto-grams. We hold onto souvenirs. We mentally collect symbols, trying to understand and control the world around us. letting them dance in our heads till they join in a personally helpful way. Sometimes paintings can become visual mantras in this way.

We assign animals and plants as totems, symbolizing our family or clan. We wear mascot symbols to show who we align with. We save favors from bridal showers and birthday parties, to sit on a shelf and remind us of that special time. We wear charms on our jewelry, collecting ones that represent certain personal milestones, loved ones, or places we’ve visited. The object becomes the embodiment of that memory or idea, keeping it close to mind, and part of our current day. This doesn’t just happen with items we own, but with things seen in nature, like leaves or seashells. My version of these are Talisman paintings. An image can transform our state of mind because of the thoughts and ideas it evokes. So we identify with that image or shape, repeating it, scribing it into our lives.

These charms we collect then mingle with our everyday surroundings until we catch a glimps of them for solace. My talismans blend in with trees here to be recognized for any symbolism they may carry. Each of us seem to find what our subconscious is looking for, not all noticing the same glazed images. I hope you enjoy connecting with some of your subconscious hieroglyph, sparking treasured memories or valued thoughts.

Marcene Glover Art