Providence, Rhode Island
October 6 - 30, 2009 


​A Visual Art Tribute to Our Government Officials

Portrait Artist Marcene Glover has been commissioned by individual National and State House and Senate Members. These portraits are done in a Representational style that conveys each Congressman's and Senator's political views. Glover traveled from DC,  NYC, Nevada, to Rhode Island for the live portrait sittings and exhibitions. 


Collectively, these portraits of Congressmen and Senators travel to museums and galleries, as the Faces in Government exhibit. Portraits of local government officials are added as the exhibit reaches each city. A Governor, Mayor, or State Representative are invited to be featured at a live portrait sitting during the exhibit opening reception, which is open to the public/guests of the museum.

These Faces in Government portraits are utilized through museums' education departments, in primary and secondary schools and universities, facilitating discussions about current issues of importance in American Government.

Community Enrichment 
​Some of the Faces in Government exhibits include Visiting Artist Residencies, where Marcene works with organizations for at risk/underprivileged citizens. Using Representational Art as the tool, she inspires them toward a theme related to the Congressional portraits, such as "leadership", or "strength of character". Expressing themselves through visual Art, they focus their own inspiration toward a productive leadership place in community. This Artwork is then featured as part of the exhibit. 

Portions of the Faces in Government project have been supported by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency, through its regional arts funding partnership, Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA). State government funding comes through an annual appropriation by Pennsylvania's General Assembly and from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. PPA is administered in this region by the Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance.The grants to support the Faces in Government project are awarded based on Artistic merit of Marcene Glover's portraits, and the project's ability to reach all populations of the community with valued educational enrichment through the Arts.


I was inspired to compile this collection of portraits while watching the U.S. House proceedings several years ago. I watched Congressman Dornan's fiery style of debate, that seemed to match his red hair. I took notice of the diversity of views being represented and the fervency with which the Representatives fight for their constituents. I began to admire the American system of Government, that enables citizens' views to be represented so strongly. I also began to realize how late into the night the Representatives continued these debates, and the time they devote to their work.I then became very intrigued by the idea of visually representing each Representative's issues and specific views... their diverse personal histories that have brought them to public service. My style of Representational Art is naturally suited to this challenge. Additionally, I foresaw the striking images would be an aesthetically and intellectually stimulating collection. This is where the inspiration began to create the Faces in Government exhibit, as a tribute to our government officials, local, state and national. Several years into this project, I'm very fulfilled to be working in this collaborative way with the Representatives, to create their personal symbolism. I interview each Member to learn his background, goals, and political philosophy. As these paintings are utilized in education, the purpose of the Faces in Governmentproject is more rewarding than I had originally imagined.

 Faces In Government reached over 20 museums and schools for exhibition, educational outreach, and community enrichment. A few of the galleries are: 

Faces In Government Exhibit at Seton Hill University ​included ​Facets In Leadership 
​Residency with  
​Dr. Robert Ketterer Charter School for Disruptive Youth, at Adelphi Village, Latrobe PA  

Symbolism in Glover's portraits of Civil Rights leaders and Congressmen served as examples to open the topic of leadership. It inspired residency students to use visual art to represent their own goals toward becoming positive members of community. The students in this residency began with painting explorations to express their obstacles while being incarcerated. Their paintings were then framed and hung with Glover's as part of the exhibit at Seton Hill University.

The power of the image on the right is clear. The weight of the message came across as ​the student brushed on the dark paint, and then pulled the end of the handle, digging into the paint, engraving the cell bars deep into the paper. This was in response to Glover's question What image symbolizes your past and obstacles you need to overcome.

Greensburg, PA
August 15 - October 9, 2008

Marcene Glover Art

Johnstown, PA
November 7, 2009 - January 7, 2010

This Collection of Government Portraits is a one person traveling exhibit, implemented in Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art Education Department, in school and community based Arts Residencies, as well as Arts for Healing Residencies. 

The exhibit is now retired, as the portraits are placed in permanent collections including a Congressional Library. 

Marcene Glover created each portrait from live sittings with Congressional Members in Washington D.C. Since her painting style includes symbolism and letterism, Glover interviewed each government official to learn how to best represent their philosophies, concerns, and goals for the country.  

These are series of Marcene Glover's work, and sometimes Residency participants' work, that became counterpart exhibits, traveling with the Government portrait collection in some galleries, and became the theme in some residencies, as the subject matter fit each venue and group of participants.