Marcene Glover Art

These paintings feature a strip of intense color and greater focus in an otherwise minimal sketch. This cuts through the genre to find the essence of a people or place. I designed this style to catch the viewer off guard enough for him to want to take a second look, giving him the chance to find his own connection with the subject.

ColorStream paintings represent a stream of light as it hits a scene...all is black until light reveals the color. An object's color is determined by the light waves it reflects...but butterflies can see intense ultraviolet colors that are invisible to us. That's the inspiration behind this painting style: to question what else is not revealed to us, to question how we see, how much we notice, what we choose to pay attention to. These are intended to help us connect with other cultures by first identifying with familiar, universal similarities. Some of the paintings question whether we see the less obvious, behind the scenes cost for what we're accepting in society, like fair trade issues."

ColorStream series paintings

These works are available for purchase for $400 if still in the Artist's collection, by emailing  Sizes are approximately 15"x20" or 8"x10"